The project

The project

At the meeting point of tradition and modernity

Featuring a modern and cutting-edge architectural design, Le Nuovo blends seamlessly into the Montreal landscape, with its combination of boldness and subtlety. The location played a key role in designing Le Nuovo. The building is located at a vibrant meeting point, where Villeray meets Little Italy, on the corner of Clark and Jean-Talon, two of Montreal’s main arteries. Inspired by this urban junction, the designers imagined the outside of the building and found the materials that would reflect its character: a blend of dark brick and architectural stone blocks.

Light grey almost white architectural blocks were chosen for the Jean-Talon facade to capture the classic and timeless feel of Little Italy. Dark brick was chosen to cover the Clark side. Its raw look is reminiscent of the former industrial area that played a key role in the neighbourhood’s history.


Living in an urban jungle

With a green wall in the entrance hall, a wall garden, flower pots, climbing plants covering the entire building facade, a courtyard with hollow-core slabs, and trees lining the site, Le Nuovo residents will feel like they’re living in an urban jungle.


An ecofriendly building

The building features Otis gen2 elevators, the most ecofriendly elevators on the market. The condos are also supplied with hot water by means of a natural gas central system, and lighting fixtures installed throughout the building are equipped with LED bulbs.


Custom made natural wood panels

Le Nuovo’s outer facade features custom made Prodema wood panels. Elegant and sophisticated, these exceptional materials imported from Spain give the building a warm, organic and prestigious feel.


Charging stations for electric vehicles

Charging stations for electric or hybrid vehicles are available in the building’s underground parking, a scarce commodity in Quebec. Residents have access to them freely and at no additional cost.


Electronically-controlled entries and exits

No key is used to access the building. Main entrance doors and entrances to each condo are controlled by RFID chips. Also, a central surveillance system keeps a record of all entries and exits.


Ultimate security and peace of mind

The continuous surveillance of the Nuovo is ensured by an effective network of security cameras installed at every entry of the building and connected to a central. A building manager is also on site at all times.

The developer


Bralexo is a general entrepreneur, a real estate developer and a project manager. Led by a team of young and visionary professionals, the company oversees projects of every size and scope that aim to revitalize the city, offering Montrealers a unique, sophisticated and high end quality of life. In addition to overseeing the construction of Le Nuovo, Bralexo will also act as project manager. A representative will be available at all times to ensure residents safety, comfort and peace of mind.

The architect

Atelier Christian Thiffault

Le Nuovo’s architectural design was entrusted to Christian Thiffault and Christine Robitaille, two architects from Atelier Christian Thiffault. Established in Montreal since 2001, this studio specializes in urban designing, residential architecture and heritage places. The projects carried out by Atelier Christian Thiffault always raise the bar higher. They are recognized for blending with the urban scenery in an organic and ingenious manner, and for contributing to the revitalization of the neighbourhoods in which they are built.

The designer

Escobar design

Andres Escobar is known as one of the most prolific designers of his generation. After a series of triumphs and prizes, Escobar was awarded projects in Montreal, New York, India, Panama and other places across the world. His designs are always imbued with modern and elegant touches, and are at the vanguard of housing trends. Prestigious clients from the restaurant, retail and residential construction industry have put their trust in him for over 20 years now.

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