The neighbourhood

The neighbourhood


Unmatched access to public transportation and highways

Regardless of how you get around – whether by metro, bus, car or bike – everything is easily accessible when you live in an condo for rent at Le Nuovo. The building is located near the Jean-Talon station – one of the city’s main metro lines – as well as the de Castelnau and Parc stations. Also, the Clark, St-Laurent and Jean-Talon bus line routes will take you anywhere in Montreal. Drivers benefit from convenient access to the Metropolitain Autoroute and can therefore go downtown easily and directly via Clark Avenue. Many bicycle paths cross the surrounding streets, and Bixi self-service bicycle stations can be found on several street corners.

Our location


Marché Jean-Talon

7070, avenue Henri Julien
514 937.7754


Fruiterie Milano

6862, boul. St-Laurent
514 273.8558



7010, boul. St-Laurent
514 276.5019


Café Larue & fils

244, rue de Castelnau
514 272.8087


Maison de thé Camellia Sinensis

7010, avenue Casgrain
514 271.4002


Pub Le Pourvoyeur

184, rue Jean-Talon
514 277.5858


Pizzeria Napoletana

189, rue Dante
514 276.8226
514 495.0079


Restaurant Primo & Secondo

7023, rue Saint Dominique
514 908.0838


Restaurant Tapéo

511, rue Villeray
514 495.1999


Battaglia & Aly

6515, boul. St-Laurent
514 940.1008


Galerie C.O.A

6405, boul. St-Laurent
514 655.6870


Fit for Life

7503, boul. St-Laurent
514 271.5000

  • Station Jean-Talon
  • Station De Castelnau
  • Station Parc

Neighbourhood history

Little Italy
It was in the early 20th century that the first Italian immigrants settled in what later became Little Italy. Even then, this location was convenient and welcoming: railway transportation was easily accessible, and many neighbouring factories and shops provided employment. The Montreal Italian community contributed significantly to the rise of the city’s cultural and culinary growth. You can see that the Italian spirit is still alive simply by taking a stroll around the streets and alleys: colourful vegetable gardens, authentic coffee places and pizzerias, and a variety of stores all embellish the landscape, and lend it a unique feel.

Formerly known as “Village de Villeray”, Villeray was considered independent of Montreal until it was annexed to the city in 1905. The neighbourhood is home to workers who had jobs in surrounding factories and quarries. By the last half of the 20th century, various cultural communities settled there: the Latin, Asian and French all contributed to the diversity that still characterizes Villeray today. Montreal is known for its multiculturalism around the world; Villeray represents one of the most culturally-diverse neighbourhoods of Montreal, and that is why it is a must! A strong sense of attachment is shared among the area’s residents, and a growing number of diverse businesses are established there.


Neighbourhood attractions

Exploring Little Italy would not be complete without stopping by the Jean-Talon Market. Its unique combination of eclectic and vibrant shops makes it a great Montreal classic. From local farm produce to fine imported products and kitchenware, you’ll find everything you need there.

With 35 acres of green space, Villeray’s Jarry Park is the perfect place to spend an afternoon outdoors. You will never be short of things to do. You can take a stroll around the park, ride your bike around, relax by a charming pond, or practice a sport like tennis, soccer or swimming.

Explore some of the neighbourhood’s hot spots

Le Tapeo

as one of Villeray’s favourite restaurant destinations, Tapeo offers a selection of tapas inspired by authentic Spanish culinary traditions and fusion cuisine.

Café Larue & Fils

don’t miss out on this Villeray coffee place. Try one of the best café au lait Montreal has to offer.

Primo & Secondo

this Little Italy reputed restaurant’s dishes are prepared by Chef Roberto Stabile, using fresh and local products from the Jean-Talon Market.

Brasserie Harricana

A neighbourhood newcomer, this craft brewery has already shown strong appeal with locals. Comforting and tasty dishes are served at the cocktail-lounge for lunch and dinner, adding to the charm of this spot.